Objects made of bronze, patinated stainless steel, mild steel and brass are ideal for adding a bespoke touch to architectural projects. Art sets counterpoints and creates interplay in architecture. It adds an interest to old and new buildings alike. We share our love of creativity and an eye for the exceptional with architects, who serve as intermediaries to companies, organizations and local authorities.


Bronze Basin

Bronze Basin

Functional Artwork

Interior lettering and functional art elements such as gates, guard rails and embellishments made of metals and patinated steel give detail to rooms and buildings

These are some of the functional artworks created at Australian Bronze:

  • Gates, portals and railings

  • Lamps, fittings and mailboxes for indoors and outdoors

  • Logos, plaques and reliefs

  • Interior elements for lobbies

  • Metal elements for floors, walls and ceilings

  • Tables and other furniture made of precious metals

  • Patterned metal panels as magnetic boards and artworks

Apple Store Brisbane. Macarthur Chambers

Apple Store Brisbane. Macarthur Chambers

Apple Store Brisbane

Apple Store Brisbane

Architecture & Project Support

Handling larger sculptural art projects demands competence in multiple areas. Australian Bronze offers support in coordinating architects, artists, local authorities and companies in each phase of the process 

We support architects throughout the entire process of realizing large sculptures, models and busts. Depending on your needs, we can be at your side from planning through to delivery and final assembly. We are just as flexible in realization as your customers’ needs are diverse.

Some more recent projects include:

  • The Sydney Harbour Bridge Lights

  • Apple Super Store Macarthur Chambers in Brisbane

  • Manly Bathing Lights & Flagpoles

  • Door and building hardware for various architects