Australian Bronze hosts a variety of workshops throughout the year. 

"These sessions are hosted by our tenants and art friends and come highly recommended for those wishing to broaden their artistic horizons"


Wax working workshop for bronze casting

Saturday’s 22 July to 12th August.  1pm - 4pm

Direct wax sculpting enables you to make unique works to be cast directly in bronze. It eliminates the need and the cost of silicone molding your work. This short course will give you a good introduction to wax working tools techniques and artistic approaches.

Each week we will explore a theme; abstraction, figurative, miniature work or jewellery and finish with gating for bronze casting, larger projects primer, and extra working time for any work you are really enjoying. If you do have something particular in mind you are very welcome to take it on in the workshop with expert guidance. The class is totally hands on and you will be able to create a lot of work if you want to. There is no obligation to cast in bronze although I will let you know the day of the bronze pour any work will be cast, usually Tuesdays around 1pm if you would like to watch the bronze pour and break your work out of the ceramic shell.

The Course costs $220 - plus $120 per kg for bronze castings.

For the classes you will need:

  • old clothes ( wax can be messy)
  • Sketch book and pencil

All tools are provided and there is a fridge available and a coffee shop attached to the gallery

For more information contact tutor  Philip Jones on 04 01824492

Silicone Mold.jpg

Mold Making Course June 2017

This course will cover a variety of materials and techniques for beginners to intermediate mould-makers in a manner that is fun, hands on and informative! Learn the language of reproduction, from simple block moulds to more complex multi part casings, using silicone, rubber, plaster, resin and clay and discussing the many options available to suit whatever projects you have in mind.

Four 2.5 hour sessions over four weeks for $220

Additional bronze casting available for $120 per KG.

For more information contact tutor  Philip Jones on 04 01824492


Vivianne Hazenveld's Art Classes & Workshops

In her North Head Studio, Vivianne invites you to explore modern abstract and semi-realistic art using acrylic, collage or other media. Discover what mediums and styles suit you best! Create your own artworks with gentle step by step guidance, even if you're not sure where to start. Easily learn all the skills you need from an experienced and enthusiastic artist and tutor: Colour, composition, techniques, material handling and more…

Experiment and become more confident in expressing your own unique creativity. Get plenty of personalised attention in a lovely small group of like minded people. Enjoy some time for you and revel in the creative process in a fun, inspiring and supportive environment.

  • Thursdays 10:45 - 13:00  Contact Vivianne for more classes, workshops and Private Tuition/mentorship                      viviannehazenveld (insert “@“ symbol)





Monday Morning Art Group

Each Monday morning from 10:00 to 12:00 the Manly Portrait Group meets at our gallery for a sketching session with live models.

For more information please contact Gail on 0407 142 143

Admission $10 including a snack