The Foundry / Artist relationship is based on confidence with the objective being an accurate reproduction of form and a true interpretation of finish.

Our Manly workshops offer a specialist lost wax bronze casting and mould making service to artists, designers and makers.

 We are able to take on projects of any size and cast in a wide array of non metallic compounds like Masterworks Acrylic, plaster and concrete.



Mould Making

Generally moulds for bronze editions are made of a flexible silicone rubber. The original form is maintained by keying the silicone into a system of rigid keepers or mould casings.

Sometimes it might be more efficient to utilise different composite materials for mould making depending on the size and form of the sculpture and the number of castings in the edition.


3D Modelling & Enlargement

We do enlargement or scaling up of sculpture from maquette, drawings or CAD files.

This is done by hand or 3D printer depending on cost effectiveness

We also design and create armatures for sculpture for use by the artist.



Sculpture Casting

We provide a lost wax casting service in both bronze and stainless steel.

Firstly a wax reproduction is taken from the mould and then faithfully reinstated removing seams and flaws and repairing detail. The wax is sprued up allowing for feeding channels to the casting and is then invested (encased) in a layered ceramic shell. The wax is then " lost" out of the ceramic by melting  and is then recycled for ongoing use 

The empty mould is then checked for cracks, patched up if necessary and then fired prior to the pouring or casting of the molten bronze or stainless steel.

Metal Chasing & Finishing

Once the raw casting is devested or removed from the ceramic and cleaned up by gentle bead blasting it is then completed under the guidance of the artist to their specific requirements including welding, chasing, chiselling and polishing

At this stage we also consider the plinth and required fixings for mounting





We use a broad palette of patinas from traditional classic Florentine brown to more contemporary finishes. Using techniques and skills developed through years of practice colouring thousands of bronzes, our experts can assist you create your desired finish

We have always encouraged artists to learn about the processes we use so as to fully realise their artistic potential Colour samples are available  or we welcome your visit to our studios to see the techniques first hand.