"A fantastic team, professional attention to every detail" Brett Mon Garling

Australian Bronze has a number of people that make it all happen. From project management, to artists & sculptors and technical staff we're all part of the crew. The main players include: 


Clive Calder

Clive has worked on sculpture projects for some of the world's most renowned sculptors over the past 25 years. He specializes in sculpture project management, sculpting materials and problem solving for the three-dimensional world! 

Director and production manager, Clive handles client inquiries and estimating . He can also be found on the foundry workshop floor and sometimes in the sculpting studios working on new creations

Clive is the initial point of contact for any inquiries and can be contacted directly on

0404 076 683

Gabriella Commisonned Animal Sculpture


Katherine Castillo  

Originally from Bogota, Katherine began painting, drawing & sculpting in her teenage years and knew art was the passion she would design her life around. A healthy obsession with the human body, she specializes in the figurative realm. Constantly experimenting over the last two decades she has been developing her knowledge, style and technique. 

At the foundry she works as a sculptor, mouldmaking specialist, wax worker and bronze finisher . Katherine has completed many commissions for our clients and is also keen to teach in our sculpture school.